Beekeeping anywhere, anytime.

Monitor colony strength, activity and productivity.
Bee Right is the bee-all of beekeeping solutions. Get real-time actions to keep your bees healthy. Automatically and remotely monitor queen health, hive productivity and disease infestations so you can quickly and efficiently aid your bees before its affects your bottom line. Our equipment is low-cost and designed for Australia’s rough and vast landscape. Bee Right gives beekeepers the buzz they need to efficiently monitor hive health and productivity.

Queen health monitoring

Track your queen's activity and ensure she is thriving. Maintain strong and productive colonies efficiently and easily, supporting greater profitability. Work smarter, not harder.
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Real-time insights

Plan your day knowing which hives need what intervention before you leave. Actionable insights so you take the right gear and waste no time, every time. Be empowered to intervene before it’s too late.
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Born and raised Down Under

Designed and made with Aussie beekeepers to solve your challenges. Our monitors have been hardened to withstand the Australian outdoors. Leaving no hive behind, we’ve brought the equipment size and cost down so you can monitor every beehive.
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We're rolling out across Australia now.
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